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A Clear Calling

Why do you get up in the morning? What is your reason for being here? If you do not answer these questions about your purpose, the world will define it by default. Arriving at a biblical understanding of purpose is fundamental to the way you live.

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Transitioning Well: Part 2

How do you age well, making the most of the years after age 45 (and even before then!)? How do you make sure you’re investing time, energy, and resources to what matters most—in God’s eyes? Ken Boa spoke on this subject in Birmingham, AL, on October 25, 2019,

The Spiritual Life: Transitioning Well

We are all running a race, but we often forget to do so with excellence. Our habits turn into ruts and times of transitions bog us down. How can we change our mindset?

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The Eight Spiritual Essentials, Part 8: Living Each Day Well

Many people miscalculate the brevity of life and the length of eternity. They put their hope in Jesus for their eternal destiny, but they put their hope in the world for everything else. Scripture calls us to live wisely and well, not presuming upon the future or assuming we have all the time in the world.