Tag: holistic spirituality

A Growing Vision of God

No matter the season of life, we should never stop learning—and this is particularly true when it comes to the knowledge of God. It doesn’t matter how long we live, because there will always be more to learn about God.

Glorifying God in Mundane Tasks

God calls us to love Him in all things—even when we do not like all things. Every task, however mundane it may be, is an opportunity to give God glory.

A Purpose-Filled Life

God has given you both a universal and a unique purpose in life. He calls you to a life of ministry through your unique circumstances and the prism of your personality.

How to Cultivate an Eternal Value System

Why is it so difficult to sustain a reverential and humble attitude toward God? It is because, embedded in our fallen human nature, there is a clash between two opposing value systems.

Wisdom: The Lordship of Christ

Are you happy in this life? Join Ken Boa in this new series and learn about how the wisdom of recognizing the lordship of Christ brings us joy.