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A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 2: Discerning God’s Calling

Make sure you’ve read “A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 1” first. [lead]We can’t lay hold of God’s unique purpose for our lives without spending time with him and inviting him to clarify his purpose for us in his timing and way.[/lead] It is never too late to

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Kierkegaard’s King and Maiden Story

Nineteenth-century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote the following parable, which has been widely circulated. It alludes to the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs), where King Solomon is shown disguising himself as a shepherd to win the heart of a Shulamite woman. [lead]”Suppose there was a king who

Practicing the Presence of God: Part 5

Dr. Boa gives the biblical basis for the idea that a Christian’s spiritual life is not a measurable product but a dynamic, ongoing process. We were meant for more than this life, but we have to cultivate the spiritual side of ourselves.