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The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the prelude to effective ministry. Join Ken Boa in his latest teaching series on Quiet Time about the power of prayer.

Acts 8: Counterfeit Gospels

No one asks for persecution. But God in His wisdom has made it so that when anyone persecutes His Church, it is like taking seed and scattering it so that it goes everywhere.

Exodus 14–18: When Security Vanishes

What do you do when your security vanishes and enemies surround you? The Israelites faced this problem, but they had forgotten that God always provides and protects His people.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 16—Twelve Resources

Dr. Boa shares 12 Spiritual Warfare resources. Community with believers, deliverance from spiritual strongholds, delegated authority, and team ministry are a few of these resources.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 7

Ken Boa teaches the third front of spiritual warfare with Satan and his demonic hosts. The names for Satan that reveal his position are “the ruler of this world” and “the prince of the power of the air.” His names that reveal his practices are “Satan” or “adversary,”

1 Peter Study, Part 13 (at Christ Church): Spheres of Authority II

Dr. Boa continues his discussion of the practical application of the spheres of God ordained authority.  Peter transitions from governing authorities to that of the work place.  There is no dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. We are called to do our work as to the Lord rather than for men.  As we look to Him as the Source and to Him for the outcome, we pursue a higher standard than we would otherwise.