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Cultivating Character

You will either judge Scripture according to your culture, or you will judge your culture according to Scripture. We are immersed in chaos in our culture in many ways. But we know that the King is coming, and we need to cultivate character to live in light of that Day.

Living in the Presence of God

Intimacy with Christ results in activity in the world, not the other way around. In order to do things for Christ, we first need to be in Him.

The Worth of Relationships

Every person we meet is made in the image of God. Because of this, we need to recognize the worth of relationships and practice God’s presence in them.

Practicing God’s Presence through Prayer

Depending on the spiritual season you’re in, it can be difficult to know how to pray. “A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence” provides helpful exercises to deepen your prayer life.

Physical Reminders

We are both immaterial and material, spirit and body. Learn how physical reminders can reorient us toward God.

Reflecting Christ in Your Lifestyle

Our busy culture distracts us from practicing God’s presence every moment of the day. But there are steps we can take so our lifestyle reflects Christ.

Practicing God’s Presence

Informal times with God are crucial to our relationship with Him. Practicing His presence involves taking advantage of kairos time and developing our relationship with Him.

More than a Quiet Time

Having a formal quiet time is step one. But a relationship with God involves so much more. Surrender your entire thought life to Him.

Meditating on Memory Verses

In order to move from skimming to digging deeper in God’s Word, you must reorient your desires. Put practical steps in place as you seek to memorize Scripture.

Morning Affirmations 2

There’s a strange unease in not having a sense of identity. But the problem is that we derive our identity from all the wrong places. We need something rich and profound. We need love, joy, and peace. Such things we can only find by placing our identity in Jesus Christ.