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Saints in Christ

What does it mean to be a saint? Ephesians 1:1–4 gives the answer.

The Kingdom in 7 Gs

The kingdom of God can be described in 7 Gs: God’s greatness, goodness, and grace; our gratitude, growing, and going; and the final state of glory.

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Viewing Time God’s Way

The gods confound the man who first found out how to distinguish hours—confound him, too, who in this place set up a sun-dial to cut and hack my days so wretchedly into small pieces! —Plautus (Greek playwright in Rome, second century BC) Consciousness of time jumped dramatically in the

1 Peter Study, Part 3 (at Christ Church): Endless Revelation

Dr. Boa explores the nature and mystery of the triune God and the living hope that is grounded in the Word of God and in the Son.  He reminds us, as we reflect on the inheritance reserved in heaven for us, to be a people of gratitude who understand that all of life is gift and all of life is grace.