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Reflecting Christ in Your Lifestyle

Our busy culture distracts us from practicing God’s presence every moment of the day. But there are steps we can take so our lifestyle reflects Christ.

Practicing God’s Presence

Informal times with God are crucial to our relationship with Him. Practicing His presence involves taking advantage of kairos time and developing our relationship with Him.

More than a Quiet Time

Having a formal quiet time is step one. But a relationship with God involves so much more. Surrender your entire thought life to Him.

Meditating on Memory Verses

In order to move from skimming to digging deeper in God’s Word, you must reorient your desires. Put practical steps in place as you seek to memorize Scripture.

Storing up Scripture

Daily devotional times often include reading the Bible, but what about memorizing specific passages? Storing up Scripture is key as your faith grows.

Desirable Prayer Habits

Should we set aside time for prayer? Watch this video for some useful tips for setting aside a formal time of prayer that will deepen your relationship with God.

When God Says “No”

God always hears our prayers, but what happens when He doesn’t give us an immediate, resounding “yes”?

Praying Scripture Back to God

If we’re not careful, we approach God with laundry-list prayers. Praying through Scripture is a useful method of prayer that helps turn our hearts back to praising God.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the prelude to effective ministry. Join Ken Boa in his latest teaching series on Quiet Time about the power of prayer.