Tag: special revelation

The Grace and Justice of God

Is God fair? Does He even care? These two questions are the heart of our objection to Christianity regarding those who have never heard the gospel.

Knowing God to Glorify God

In one sense, God is incomprehensible to us. We cannot fully understand Him, and we cannot get to know Him on our own terms. He has to be the One to reveal Himself to us.

The Wisdom Psalms: Training for Eternity

What are your priorities in life? All too often, our priorities center around what is temporal rather than what is eternal. The wisdom psalms teach us how to turn this around.

The Mystery of the Church

The work of Jesus Christ changed everything. With His coming, God more fully revealed His plan, including the mystery of the church.

Acts 2: Faith Founded on Fact

In a world where critical scholars argue that the resurrection is an invented doctrine, the earliest eyewitnesses tell us otherwise.

Favorite Psalms: Psalm 19

In this wisdom psalm, God invites us to consider the skies (His world) and the Scriptures (His word), and to then respond to this general and special revelation by turning our souls to Him in repentance (His way).