Tag: spiritual life

An Interior Garden

Margin is a space between our load and our limits. We need margin in order to cultivate the interior garden of our spiritual life.

An Inside-Out Life

What does it mean to live an inside-out life? Join Ken Boa as he looks at Ephesians 4:25–32 and how we love our neighbors in the power of the Spirit.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the prelude to effective ministry. Join Ken Boa in his latest teaching series on Quiet Time about the power of prayer.

How to Read the Bible

How we read Scripture matters. Just as we ought to have a balanced diet of Scripture, engaging in the whole counsel of God, so we also need to use different methods as we read. God’s love is so rich and deep that we need to sink our roots deeply into His Word, strengthening our relationship with Him.

A Balanced Diet of Scripture

Do you have a balanced diet of Scripture? Just as we cook an entrée and a side of vegetables to create a well-rounded meal, we ought to be balanced in how we read the Word of God.

The Four Whys of Pain

There are four responses to difficult circumstances: The Why of Grumbling, the Why of Grief, the Why of Guidance, and the Why of Gratitude.

The Life of Christ in Us

It is easy to forget that we are called to have a personal intimacy with Jesus Christ. We may have head knowledge, but we need more than that.

Four Transforming Words

When we experience difficulty in our faith, four simple words from Psalm 37 can transform our walk with God: trust, delight, commit, and wait.