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using your time wisely

Using Your Time Wisely

If you want to grow in Christlikeness by using your time wisely, monitor your “Word-to-world ratio.” If we are Christ’s disciples, we will want to gradually displace time in the world with time in the Word. In this way, we will be conformed to the image of Christ instead of the image of the world.

Judges 15: The Power of the Spirit

God’s deliverance will not be predictable. But what is predictable is that God’s character will never change and that He is faithful to deliver His people.

Resisting the Devil

Every Christian will come under spiritual attack at some point. Prepare now by meditating on God‘s truth, putting on the full armor of God.

The Rich Mercy of God

We were all dead in our trespasses—no exceptions. But Ephesians 2:1–7 tells of the glorious transformation from death to life for those who are in Christ.

Deuteronomy 7: Warnings about the World

Moses warned the Israelites about the Canaanite nations in Deuteronomy 7. He knew the seductive siren call of the world—which we, too, must resist.

Morning Affirmations 6

Do you have doubts about what your future holds, either in this life or the next? God calms our doubts by revealing His plan for this world and how we fit into that plan.

Morning Affirmations 5

In our current culture, many of us overlook spiritual warfare. Whether we admit it or not, we are engaged in warfare on three fronts: against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Favorite Psalms: Psalm 19

In this wisdom psalm, God invites us to consider the skies (His world) and the Scriptures (His word), and to then respond to this general and special revelation by turning our souls to Him in repentance (His way).