365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 12

Exodus 12 comes in the middle of God performing wonders among the Egyptians in order to display his glory. This chapter sets up the final plague. More than that, though, it shows the Israelites how they are to remember this defining moment through a ceremony, the Passover. Not only are they supposed to keep the Passover, but all of their descendants are supposed to observe it as well.

Why is this so important? The Passover was never meant to merely look back at the exodus, as crucial as that event was. More than that, it is a portrait of the coming Messiah. After all, it showed that the blood of earthly animals could not take away the sins of the people. We stood in need of better blood. Glory be to God that the reigning King is also the sacrificial Passover Lamb, taking away our sins!

This session is part 73 of the 365 Key Chapters of the Bible series, based on Ken’s Handbook to Scripture. 

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365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 12

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