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Bible Reading Guide: 10 Methods

There are a variety of methods and approaches to reading Scripture.

By using several methods and/or changing your approach from time to time, you can develop a personalized and manageable program that will keep your interest level high and give you a satisfying breadth of exposure to the Word of God.

Choose one or more of the following 10 methods of Bible reading. Be flexible and feel free to change methods and combinations of methods as you desire. Whatever method(s) you choose, you may integrate your reading with your daily prayer time, or do it at another time of the day.

Tips & Suggestions

  1. Be sure to choose a system that works for you. If you find yourself in a rut, change your system. Many people get bored with reading the Bible because they get locked into one method.
  2. Consider making a personal commitment to reading at least a chapter of the Bible a day.
  3. Often the best times for Bible reading are the first thing in the morning and/or just before going to sleep.
  4. If you do not have another preference, we suggest you begin your Bible reading with the 365 key chapters of the Bible (the first method below), found in my Handbook to Scripture.

The 10 Methods

1. 365 key biblical chapters in a year. Purchase my Handbook to Scripture for a guide through these chapters.

2. Bible in a year—Old Testament and New Testament daily readings (suggested plan)

3. Bible in a year—cover to cover, on a consecutive schedule, using a six-day week for flexibility

4. New Testament in a year, using a six-day week for flexibility (see plan)

5. Two or three chapters of the Old Testament per day (skip Psalms and/or Proverbs if also using methods 7, 8, or 9)

6. One chapter of the Gospels/Acts and one chapter of the epistles per day

7. Five psalms (intervals of 30) and one chapter of Proverbs per day

For example, on the first day of the month, read Psalms 1, 31, 61, 91, and 121, and Proverbs 1. On the 20th day of the month, read
Psalms 20, 50, 80, 110, and 140, and Proverbs 20.

8. 31 key psalms per month (list)

9. 31 chapters of Proverbs, with one chapter a day according to the day of the month

10. Psalm 119 in 22-day cycles (each day is an eight-verse stanza)

Combining Methods

Here are some suggested combinations of the above methods. Start on the level on which you can succeed.

Basic: Methods 3 and 9

Intermediate: Methods 1, 8, and 9 OR methods 2 and 8

Advanced: Methods 4, 5, and 7

Explore more Bible reading and study methods.

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