Acts 13: Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Acts 13: Paul’s Missionary Journeys

After reviewing the first few chapters of Acts, Ken Boa looks at Acts 13. This chapter describes a pivotal point in the history of the church. Now the gospel begins spreading through Paul’s missionary journeys.

Whenever Paul went to a new location, he would first proclaim the gospel in the synagogues. The Old Testament was the foundation upon which he preached the resurrection of Christ.

As he followed this pattern on his missionary journey, he encountered a false teacher, the magician Elymas. Seeking to turn the proconsul away from the gospel, Elymas spread lies in order to refute Paul. But he was no match for the Holy Spirit. Paul not only taught the proconsul the truth, but the Holy Spirit worked through him to blind Elymas, authenticating Paul’s message.

By going from city to city, Paul established a foundation for the gospel. The Holy Spirit worked in the hearts of those who listened, and many came to salvation.

The Jews, however, would often reject Paul and the good news of Jesus Christ. Filled with jealousy, they accused Paul and those with him of blaspheming God. Because of this, Paul frequently turned to the Gentiles. All of this was part of God’s plan to grow the church and spread the gospel to all nations.

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