Joshua 4: Setting Up Memorials

How do we memorialize the works of God in our lives? Joshua 4 gives us an example of how to do so.

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, they set up 12 memorial stones as a sign to the generations to follow. We are meant to do the same in our own lives, setting up ebenezers—stones of help—to memorialize God’s works as well as our growth in Him. These do not have to be literal stones, but should be specific reminders to memorialize critical moments in our lives.

A Hunger and Thirst for God

One of the things that set Joshua apart from others was his appetite for knowing God. He longed to know God, recognizing that everything is from Him and through Him and to Him. For this reason, He obeyed God, passing along God’s commands for how the Israelites were to walk through the flooded waters of the Jordan River.

After passing through, Joshua set up the memorial. This memorial demonstrated the fact that all of life is gift and grace. Everything the Israelites had was from God. Even the fact that the waters rushed back into place the moment the priests’ feet touched dry ground demonstrates His glory and His sovereignty.

God has 100% ownership; therefore, we have 100% stewardship. Memorials remind us of this truth, teaching us to seek after the Lord and trust in Him.

Recalibrating Our Lives

Another reason to set up memorials is the fact that they remind us of our purpose in life. We do not want to coast through life, forgetting to live with intentionality. Letting life pass us by is not honoring to God. Instead, we ought to remember what He has done in the past and trust in His promises for the future, living out our present moments with the intention of glorifying Him.

Many people are reactive instead of proactive. However, we are are defined by our choices. We need to choose what we invest in; this will reveal our priorities and where our heart really is. Memorials will remind us to choose well, recalibrating our lives to focus on God.

Joshua 4: Setting Up Memorials

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