Numbers 14: The Faithfulness of God

The longer the Israelites were away from Egypt, the more they idealized it. Instead of remembering their oppression and slavery, they believed it was a place of plenty.

Have you ever experienced this idealization of the past, forgetting the faithfulness of God?

The Faithlessness of the Israelites

Numbers 14 shows that this mindset led the Israelites to rebel against God. Rather than obeying Him and trusting that He would fulfill His promises, they reacted out of fear.

But a majority vote does not determine God’s ability or decide truth. What God says, God is able to accomplish, even through a minority. In fact, He often works through those who are weak to accomplish great feats so that His name will be glorified.

The Faithfulness of God

Unfortunately, the Israelites did not remember this. Despite their unfaithfulness, however, God remained faithful to them. Moses interceded for them, and God listened to him. As a result, God did not utterly cast them away.

However, there were consequences for the Israelites. That generation would perish in the wilderness instead of living in the land flowing with milk and honey. The Israelites had been afraid that their children would die at the hand of the enemy, but in a case of situational irony, God caused those children to inherit the land instead, showing both His severity and His mercy.

The lesson in this is to look at our circumstances with an eternal perspective. Our point of view makes all the difference in the world.

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Numbers 14: The Faithfulness of God

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