Q&A Session: May 7, 2021

A Temporal Sojourn

We all ought to be more and more homesick.

We are pilgrims, sojourners, wayfarers, aliens, and exiles on this earth. Our journey here is brief, ephemeral. But what we do today matters. God calls us to reflect and refract His glory through the unique prism of our personality. He created us the way we are for a reason; we must use the gifts He has given us in order to creatively reflect His image.

Think of yourself as a sort of gardener. Gardeners create order out of existing material, arranging plants and giving them attention to help them grow. God has provided the raw materials of this world, and we can shape what He has given us. This is our calling, both on this earth and in heaven. Heaven will not be boring—instead, it will be an opportunity to be creative for the glory of God.

Everything we do here is preparation for going home. In this soul-forming world, we ought to take time to examine our relationship with God and train ourselves to walk with Him. We must become more and more in our practice who we are in our position in Christ.

Living in a Fallen World

Because we are living in the last days in a fallen world, we should not be surprised when the world persecutes us for our faith. But God has called us for such a time as this. He has numbered our days and chosen us to live in this specific time. He has given each of us a sphere of influence. We cannot control the whole of our culture or our world, but we can act faithfully in the spheres He has given to us.

No matter what happens or how bad the times get, we know that Christ ultimately has won the victory. Even though we may experience trials here, the good and the glory to come far outweighs any suffering here.

Q&A Session: May 7, 2021