Spirit-Filled Spirituality Part 11: The Nature and Purpose of Spiritual Gifts VI

How do we use our spiritual gifts? There are four governing principles we should keep in mind. First, we ought to remember that the Holy Spirit is the One behind our spiritual gifts. We are always dependent upon His power in all areas of our life. This especially applies in the area of spiritual gifts. Second, we must practice our gifts out of a spirit of love. If we don’t have love, it doesn’t matter how extraordinary our gifts seem to be. This is because we must walk by the Spirit in order to have love. Third, we should focus our spiritual gifts on areas where they are needed. We cannot (and should not!) do everything, so we must trust in the Spirit to guide us to make good commitments. Finally, there are certain ministries we are all called to (such as prayer) regardless of our spiritual gifts.

This is the 11th part of Ken’s Spirit-Filled Spirituality study, based on content in chapter 25 of his book Conformed to His Image.

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