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Abide in the Word of God

The biblical practice of abiding in Christ is culturally atypical but spiritually essential. Incorporating Scripture into your habits can help.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the prelude to effective ministry. Join Ken Boa in his latest teaching series on Quiet Time about the power of prayer.

How to Read the Bible

How we read Scripture matters. Just as we ought to have a balanced diet of Scripture, engaging in the whole counsel of God, so we also need to use different methods as we read. God’s love is so rich and deep that we need to sink our roots deeply into His Word, strengthening our relationship with Him.

A Balanced Diet of Scripture

Do you have a balanced diet of Scripture? Just as we cook an entrée and a side of vegetables to create a well-rounded meal, we ought to be balanced in how we read the Word of God.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 1

Ken Boa teaches on the first chapter of Genesis, the “book of beginnings,” in this new series in his Wednesday Morning Bible Study on 365 key chapters in the Bible.

How Accurate Is the Bible?

Is the Bible actually full of contradictions and errors, as some claim? This article considers some objections to the accuracy and reliability of the Bible to help you make an informed decision about the Bible’s trustworthiness.

Bible under a light

The Reliability of the Bible (Decision Magazine Article)

This content on the reliability of the Bible was originally printed in Decision Magazine. False Impressions “I don’t want to take a bath—I’m clean enough!” My impassioned protests as a six-year-old at bedtime were quickly rebuffed by this powerful tool from my parents’ arsenal of guilt-inducing mottoes: “The Bible