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The Study of God

In every order of magnitude, what is God telling us about Himself? The beauty we see in creation should drive us to seek to know Him in Scripture. Knowing God—not just in your head, but in your heart—will make all the difference in your life.

1 Samuel 15: A Rebellious Redefinition

Where is your trust? Either you will be like Saul and trust in yourself, or you will trust God and realize that satisfaction only comes from obeying, knowing, and loving God.

The Attributes of God

What does it mean to know God? The answer to this question is essential to our daily lives. When we do not know who God is according to Scripture, we experience a diminishment of our sense of His majesty that affects our relationship with Him. Our tendency is to pick and choose the bits and pieces we like about Him and ignore the best. To do so, however, is to our detriment. Studying the attributes of God restores a right sense of awe and joy.

The End in Mind

It is possible to be alive and yet never really live. If you never ask the right questions about your purpose, you will go through life as if in a catatonic state. But living with the end in mind is a reminder to look to Christ.

Joshua 1: Listening to the Lord

True leadership comes from following God—meditating on His Word to know and love Him more. The life of Joshua gives us an example of this leadership.

Growing in Passion for God

Do fear and love go together? When it comes to growing our passion for God, they do—reverential awe for his holiness and joy from His intimacy with us.

Deuteronomy 2: Knowing God

Do you know who God is? Deuteronomy 2 shows that knowing God is key to obeying Him out of trust and reverential awe.

The Spiritual Life: Loving Ourselves Correctly Part 1

Who are you? What defines you? People look to many sources for their identity: money, position, political party, career, social media, sexuality, family… the list goes on. However, what really defines you as you? Who or what has the final say?