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Loving God Completely

God has perfect community within the unity and diversity of the Trinity. We, being made in the image of God, are relational beings as well.

The Wisdom of God

Wisdom is the application of knowledge to achieve the best ends through the proper means. Because God is all good and has all knowledge and power, He can accomplish the best ends via the best means.

The Omniscience and Omnipotence of God

The Bible teaches us that God is omniscient and omnipotent. This means God knows all things and can do all that can be done. Because of these truths, we can be assured that His promises will come true.

The Immutability of God

God in His divine community perfectly portrays His attributes in harmony. The immutability of God is no different—who He is will never change.

The Eternality and Infinitude of God

Just as our attributes are above a dog’s comprehension, so God’s attributes are beyond our own—but on an infinite scale. The eternality and infinitude of God are two attributes of God that are beyond our understanding.

Immersed in Mystery

Many theologians forget that we are immersed in mystery. But God’s triunity, self-existence, and self-sufficiency demonstrate His mystery.

Listening to the Voice of God

God wants to be known—but we could not know Him unless He chose to reveal Himself. He is beyond our imagination. The good news is, He has chosen to make Himself known to us. In order to get to know God, we need to make sure to listen to His voice.

Knowing God to Glorify God

In one sense, God is incomprehensible to us. We cannot fully understand Him, and we cannot get to know Him on our own terms. He has to be the One to reveal Himself to us.

More than Knowledge

Unlike the gods of other religions, we have a God who has chosen to make Himself known to us so that we can have a relationship with Him.