2 Peter: Walking Wisely in an Unwise World

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The proper response to this danger of false teaching is to grow up into maturity in Christ. Like Jesus, Peter warns that false teachers will be known by their fruit. The sensual lives they lead show they do not really take the teachings of Jesus to heart. The best way, then, to avoid the dangers of false teaching, is to grow in an experiential knowledge of Jesus. When we increase in godliness, blamelessness, and steadfastness, we demonstrate by the fruit of our lives that we belong to Christ.

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The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible (Story #44): The Ends of the Earth

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After Pentecost it was time for the apostles to take the Gospel beyond Judea into Samaria, and eventually into the ends of the earth. Now that the disciples had seen the risen Lord and received power through the Holy Spirit, they couldn’t stop from sharing the Good News.

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