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Margin in Life: The Precious Present

Reflecting on death can teach us to live fully in the precious present. Instead of blindly blundering through our lives, we need to notice the ways in which the world seeks to change us. In doing so, we will not succumb to the gradual downward pull of the world but will renew our minds in Christ. 

Time: Part 3—The Inadequacy of Conventional Views

The fact that God’s view of time is different than ours and that there are many instances of precognition (seeing events before they happen, as in the case of John and the book of Revelation) are two reasons to reject our conventional view of time as complete. While some have proposed multiple dimensions of time to explain these phenomena, there’s much we simply do not know, except that our ordinary sense of time seems to be inadequate.

The Meaning of Easter

Easter morning is the central event in human history, and we can think of this historical occurrence in three tenses: Easter past, Easter present, and Easter future.