Rewriting Your Broken Story

Devotional Spirituality: Part 8—Seasons of Dryness & Darkness

This entry is part 8 of 21 in the series Devotional Spirituality

The spiritual life involves alternating patterns of sorrow and joy, delight and emptiness, warm experience and feelings of abandonment. During these times, showing up before God on a daily basis is critical, Ken Boa explains in this eighth part of his “Devotional Spirituality” series.

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Sunday Class: Life in the Presence of God

In his weekly adult Sunday school class at Christ Church of Atlanta, Dr. Boa discusses his new book Life in the Presence of God. He explains the motivation behind the book, its relationship (as a sequel) to Rewriting Your Broken Story, and an overview of its content. He also talks about the companion training guide A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence.

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Practicing the Presence of God: Part 23

This entry is part 23 of 34 in the series Practicing the Presence of God

Dr. Boa teaches that the “good life” (by the world’s definitions) will never be enough for us, because we were made for something much better. We can break out of the cages of the world’s way of thinking, living on the level of intimacy with God while also being present with people.

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