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Judges 6–7: Severe Mercy

The human tendency is to rely on our own resources instead of the Lord. Knowing this, God made it abundantly clear to Gideon that His hand alone would save Israel—it was not human might that defeated Israel’s enemies.

Judges 2: A Pattern of Idolatry

The book of Judges stands as a sad, stark contrast to the book of Joshua. Whereas the people of the conquest obeyed the Lord under Joshua’s leadership, they quickly fell into rebellion after his death. Because they had set aside God’s law, their enemies were defeating and oppressing them.

Romans 7: A Struggle with Sin

Even after coming to Christ, we will struggle with old habits, traumas, and sins. Romans 7 addresses this issue as well as our ongoing sanctification.

Romans 6: Fighting the Flesh

Because of what Jesus has done, we are no longer who we once were. God calls us to walk in the newsness of that life and fight the old flesh.

Walking in the Light

We must live in a way that is compatible with our new nature, our identity in Christ. This involves walking in wisdom and not giving in to temptation.

Called to be Saints

God has called us saints—and we need to live out of that identity. We have moved from the sphere of darkness to light and should walk in that light.

Romans 3: Righteousness in Christ

We are all in need of a heart transplant—everyone has fallen short of the glory of God. But Jesus Christ has justified us through His own righteousness.

Romans 1: A Practical Theology

The book of Romans balances theology with practice, presenting the problem of sin, the beauty of salvation, and the transformed Christian life.

The Rich Mercy of God

We were all dead in our trespasses—no exceptions. But Ephesians 2:1–7 tells of the glorious transformation from death to life for those who are in Christ.

The Power of God in Us

What does it mean for us that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God? Ephesians 1:17–23 tells us.