A Closer Look at Creation

Consider the exquisite wonder of the natural world. God designed all of it, from the flowers we take for granted on a regular basis to the mysterious realm of the sea. The colors, shapes, patterns, and designs all display the glory of God. He created this world with gratuitous beauty to turn our eyes to Him.

Taking a Closer Look

If we find ourselves overlooking the beauty we see on a daily basis, it can be beneficial to take a look at a different aspect of creation—the ocean, for example. From the waves crashing on the beach to the waters teeming with life beneath the surface, studying oceans can speak of God’s glory to us.

Another way to remind ourselves of how the complexity of creation points to God is to take a closer look at the things we see around us. Many of us see hummingbirds on a regular basis and do not think about the way they work. However, the more we study them, the more marvelous they are. They are far too complex to have evolved. Instead, the way they fly and drink nectar points to intentional design.

The Orchestrator of Creation

When we try to reverse engineer something we see in nature, we cannot succeed. Nature is far too complex for us to perfectly replicate. And yet many people still choose to believe that such complexity evolved entirely on its own. Time is not enough of an explanation for this complexity—time would actually work against such diversity. As it is, God is the One who orchestrated His creation, and so creation points to Him.

Note of Caution: The videos shown in Ken’s teaching come from sources that do not necessarily hold a biblical worldview; by using them, we are not endorsing the ideas or viewpoints they might espouse.

A Closer Look at Creation