Abide in the Word of God

The biblical practice of abiding in Christ is culturally atypical. However, practicing God’s presence is essential to our spiritual lives. Incorporating Scripture in our daily habits reminds us of His presence.

Reading Scripture well is a skill you develop over time. It involves two aspects—zooming in to ruminate on a passage or phrase, and zooming out to read a larger passage or think over a particular theme.

Zooming In

One way to zoom in is to select a phrase from a passage you’ve read and meditate on it over the course of a day or a week. This can aid you in internalizing the truths of Scripture and implementing them in your life.

Another approach is to examine the words of Jesus. Choose a few verses recorded in the Gospels and read them throughout the day. Try writing the verses down on a 3×5 card to carry around with you for this purpose. Even taking a few moments between tasks to review the words of Jesus will begin implanting the verses in your heart and mind.

Zooming Out

On a larger scale, try meditating on the life of Christ. Pick a theme, such as His trust in the Father, and read passages from the Gospels with the theme in mind. Then, brainstorm a way to apply His example in your own life.

In addition to picking a theme, try working through a book of the Bible. Savor a psalm a day—read slowly and use each psalm as a way to converse with God, expressing your feelings along with the psalmist. Proverbs is another good book that explores the full range of human experience, and you can easily work through it in a month by reading a chapter a day.

Reading an entire book in one sitting will also increase your familiarity with Scripture and strengthen your knowledge of God. If this seems intimidating, consider starting with a shorter book, such as Obadiah or Habakkuk.

As you begin reading Scripture more often, find a Bible reading plan that works for you to enhance your devotional practice.

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Abide in the Word of God