Acts 19–20: The Power and Word of God

Acts 19–20 continues the story of Paul’s third missionary journey, picking up in Ephesus. In these chapters, we see that the spreading of the gospel is a work of the power and the Word of God.

The Power of God

Wherever he went, Paul proclaimed the gospel to both Jews and Gentiles. Due to the nature of his apostolic ministry, Paul’s preaching was accompanied by miracles. These confirmed his apostleship whenever he went into a new territory and supported the veracity of his claims about Jesus Christ.

In Ephesus, the miracles served another purpose as well. Ephesus was a corrupt city full of people practicing magic. But many of them saw that the Lord had greater authority than the demons they worshipped, so they turned to Him and burned their books of magic.

“So the word of God was growing mightily and prevailing” (Acts 19:20 NASB).

However, whenever the Spirit of God is at work, spiritual warfare is quick to follow. Satan raised up a counterfeit religion to counteract the gospel. The followers of the cult of Artemis roused up a mob, so Paul was forced to flee.

The Word of God

As Paul continued on his journey, he revisited his spheres of influence, exhorting and encouraging the churches. He was slowly beginning to make his way back to Jerusalem, even though he knew that affliction waited for him there.

The Ephesian Christians begged him not to go, but Paul spoke his final farewell to them and encouraged them despite the certainty of coming sorrow. Paul wanted to finish his course and his ministry, testifying to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Acts 19–20: The Power and Word of God

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