Acts 28: Service and Encouragement

Paul’s life demonstrates a ministry full of encouragement and servant-heartedness.

Serving on the Island of Malta

Acts 28 finds Paul shipwrecked on the island of Malta with the soldiers and other prisoners with whom he had been traveling.  Instead of grumbling about his circumstances, however, he helped gather sticks for the fire. This is consistent with his character; he  always worked hard to be a good example for those around him. His servant-heartedness and responsibility provide a good witness for the gospel.

While on the island, Paul also healed all who had illnesses among the natives. He was always looking out for opportunities for ministry, even when his plans were not turning out the way he had anticipated.

This is part of what makes ministry effective—seeking the opportunities God presents, no matter the circumstances. God will bring the people into our lives to whom we ought to minister. He will do so at the right time; we need only listen to the promptings of the Spirit.

Ministry in Rome

After leaving the island of Malta, Paul continued on his journey. Along the way, Julius, the commander, allowed Paul’s friends to visit him, bringing him encouragement.

Paul finally reached Rome, where he was kept under house arrest. There, he called the leaders of the Jews to him in order to preach the gospel to them. He spoke to them of his imprisonment and his situation, using his testimony as a way of proclaiming the gospel.

These Jews came and went for some time; however, the majority of them decided to reject faith in Jesus. They did not understand that Jesus is the Messiah, the fulfillment of the Scriptures. As a result, Paul brought the gospel to the Gentiles.

The book of Acts ends with Paul in Rome. We do not know exactly what he did in the time before his death, but we know he preached the gospel wherever he went. Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, continued to encourage and serve those around him, spreading the gospel through his example.

Acts 28: Service and Encouragement

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