Exodus 13: Paying the Price

What does an ancient religious festival have to do with Christians today?

Exodus 13 shows us that the Lord has dedicated the Israelites to Himself. He brought them out of their slavery in Egypt, calling them to follow Him. Because of this, He commands them to celebrate the Passover. This festival is supposed to remind the Israelites that God has set them apart from the other nations. He has redeemed them.

But this passage is not merely about freedom from slavery in Egypt. Instead, it looks ahead to the final redemption that Jesus Christ would accomplish. After all, Scripture is ultimately about Him, not about us. So here, we see a foreshadowing of His redemption that relates to our lives in three ways:

  1. In our past, He paid the penalty for our sins.
  2. In our present, He is sanctifying us and removing the power of sin in our lives.
  3. In our future, He will take us away from the presence of sin entirely when He comes again.

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Exodus 13: Paying the Price

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