Glory in the Diversity of Creation

Your view of God will shape your perspective on life. If your God is small, your problems will seem massive. But if your God is big, your problems will be put into their proper place.

One way to increase your view of God is to study His creation. The closer we look, the more elaborate we see that nature really is. As a result, we see God’s glory in what He has made.

Glory in Diversity

God has lavished gratuitous beauty on His creation that demonstrates His skill and His glory. Consider, for example, beetles. If you were to sit down and try to design numerous patterns, you probably would be able to do so to a certain extent. However, they would only be designs—the beetles would not come alive. But God created hundreds of thousands of living beetles. Not only that, but He created about 350,000 species of them!

The wonders we see in the created order are not necessary according to evolution. Instead, they point to the beauty and creativity of God.

Created with Design

Consider the balancing of cairns. When we see them, we automatically assume someone took the time to set them up and design them. In nature, though, many people assume it happened without any intentional design. Yet what we see in nature is far more complex than any cairn. The cell, for example, is far more complex even than the city of Atlanta!

Our God has made Himself known through His creation. The marvelous structures and animals we see in nature all point to Him. Because His glory is on display in the diversity of creation, we need to make ourselves aware of it. We must train our eyes to behold the wonders of the world around us. In so doing, we will live doxologically—praising God for what He has done.

Note of Caution: The videos shown in Ken’s teaching come from sources that do not necessarily hold a biblical worldview; by using them, we are not endorsing the ideas or viewpoints they might espouse.

Glory in the Diversity of Creation