Morning Affirmations 5

Protection in the Warfare (see all Morning Affirmations)

In our current culture, many of us overlook spiritual warfare. This is often due to a focus on the visible and the present, which causes us to ignore spiritual realities. Whether we admit it or not, we are engaged in warfare on three fronts: against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Against the World: Renew

The world is a system that the enemy orders in order to keep God out. The devil wants us to focus on what is visible, measurable, and quantifiable. We fall prey to the attractions of the world, but these pleasures cannot last. True joy comes only from following Christ. Because of this, we must be disciplined and renew our minds in truth.

Against the Flesh: Reckon

This is internal warfare against our old self. We must remember that Christ has redeemed us, and we are being more and more conformed to His image. Our old, sinful self no longer defines us. It was crucified with Christ. Because of this, Christ transforms us from the inside out.

Against the Devil: Resist

The devil wants to pull us away from God’s desire and design. He will attack us when we least expect it, seeking to distract us from our identity in Christ. Scripture is a weapon that we can use in the midst of such attacks, storing up the Word of God in our hearts in order to remind ourselves of truth.

This teaching comes from Ken Boa’s Spiritual Renewal Card Set, a tool for enhancing your spiritual life and devotional times.

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Morning Affirmations 5

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