Psalms 119 and 127: A Firm Foundation

One of the wisest things you can do is to put your unflinching trust in God. If your joy is dependent on circumstances, it will not be stable. On the other hand, surrendering to God provides ultimate security and satisfaction. The wisdom psalms teach us to take into account the brevity of our lives and focus on finding a firm foundation in Christ.

Psalm 119: Trusting in God

This acrostic psalm has 22 stanzas, each one corresponding to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Its 176 verses tell us about the moral beauty of God’s truth. Even when we do not understand our circumstances—whether trivial ones or times of deep affliction—we can rely on God’s character and the truth He has revealed through His Word.

Christianity does not promise to give us every answer. It does, however, give us a firm foundation, putting our short lives into perspective. When we put our trust in God, we will begin viewing our circumstances in light of His character rather than viewing His character in light of our circumstances. He is always trustworthy, and we must choose to put our trust in Him regardless of what we are going through.

Psalm 127: Relying on Christ

Psalm 127 teaches us to put Christ at the center of our lives. Relying on our strength or on a changeable aspect of our lives will not satisfy us or bring us true security. Finances, family, jobs—all of these things will pass away. But when we rely on Christ as our firm foundation, we cultivate a perspective that reminds us of His sovereignty and His care for us.

Even our best plans will change. We are not in control, and we never have been. But God is. Relinquishing the illusion of control and relying on Christ reminds us of the importance of surrendering our plans to Him. We have the choice to worship and glorify Him even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Psalms 119 and 127: A Firm Foundation