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The Uniqueness of the Bible

The world delights in criticizing the Bible, seeking to find fault with it in any way possible. But when we address these complaints, we find them to be groundless. Examining the Bible for ourselves reveals a book that is not only a beautifully written unique masterpiece but also one that is sound and lacking in contradictions.

Eyewitness Evidence

There are over 40 different authors of the 66 books of the Bible, which were written over a time span of about 1500 years on three continents. Despite this diversity, the books have a comprehensive unity with internal themes as well as external events.

Turning Objection into Opportunity

Can we trust the Bible? This question concerns one of the fundamental pillars of the Christian faith: the authority of Scripture. Listen in as Ken Boa discusses how to address this question.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 10

Who is going to sit on the throne? Pharaoh grapples for authority by refusing to release the Israelites, but ultimately it is God who sovereignly hardens Pharaoh’s heart that He might get glory.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Luke 24

The most significant event in human history, the Resurrection, is the focus of Luke 24, which also records Jesus’ post-Resurrection appearances.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Luke 20

In this chapter the scribes and chief priests confront Jesus and attempt to trap Him, but Jesus answers them brilliantly, leaving them speechless.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 41

The story of Joseph can encourage us as believers to remember that we are children of the One who holds the power over nations and people; He can use any circumstances for our good and His glory.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Matthew 17

Following Jesus’ question of the disciples in Matthew 16, “Who do you say that I am?” in Matthew 17, we read the solid evidences that Jesus fulfills the qualifications for Israel’s Messiah in His lineage, His healing ministry, and His teachings.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 16—Twelve Resources

Dr. Boa shares 12 Spiritual Warfare resources. Community with believers, deliverance from spiritual strongholds, delegated authority, and team ministry are a few of these resources.