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365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 6

God is faithful. Sometimes it takes us coming to the end of our rope to realize that we need to trust and lean into to the One Who does not fail.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 5

Sometimes things don’t go exactly as we imagine them going. However, God is faithful. We must trust and hope in Him, looking to Him alone for the provision of the Good.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 4

The failure and stubbornness of people in the past didn’t prevent God accomplishing His purposes, and it wasn’t going to stop Him now. Moses self-perceived deficiencies did not matter. If God calls you to a purpose, He will equip you for it.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Exodus 2

In an amazing turn of events, God sovereignly guided the process to preserve Moses’ life. It would be through Moses that God would deliver his people from bondage.

Time: Part 7—Implications for Everyday Life

Tozer said, “The days of the years of our lives are few, and swifter than a weaver’s shuttle.” Ken Boa closes this series on time with some practical tips for seeing and spending our time on earth with an eternal perspective.

Time: Part 4—Time & God

Our conventional view of time is insufficient to explain the eternal nature of God. As the one who created our space-time universe and stands outside of time, God always was and always is; there’s never been a time when He didn’t exist. He alone is able to survey time in its entire duration. Some of the things related to God’s purposes, such as free will, election, and divine sovereignty, are mysterious to us because of our own limited view of time.