The Bible & Socialism: A Reader from Romania Responds

In response to our Biblical Economics & Finance web article series (especially content in part 3), Ken Boa received the following response from a reader who grew up in communist Romania. His perspective is instructive and it’s shared here with permission.

A Reader from Romania Responds

Dear Dr. Boa,

I’d like to commend your initiative to inform your young subscribers about the reality of socialism. It is extremely disturbing and dangerous that a majority of millennials apparently regard socialism as one acceptable form of societal organization.

Socialism is a way of thinking which raises its ugly head almost every generation—because it it cloaked in an idealistic mantle. Which young person would reject the idea of equality? Or social justice? Or free education? Or free health care? Or free day care? Or subsidized housing? Or working less in stressless jobs? Or reduced military and police? Or a peaceful world free of nuclear weapons?

Of course, [the answer is] nobody, because these are ideals that cross the mind of every young person. The trouble is they have been, remain, and will always be just ideals which are manipulated by demagogic politicians to fool young people and to obtain power. They are unattainable ideals because they violate biblical truths about the nature of humankind and the Lord’s plan for humanity.

As someone who was raised, educated, and lived for 30 years in communist Romania right after World War II, I can testify about the massive sufferings that the communist rulers imposed on all Eastern European people under the disguise of “the dictatorship of the proletarians,” “building socialism,” and “improving the lives of all workers.”

America is the only place on earth where the idea of socialism has been rejected by several generations—with the result that our country is the most prosperous and powerful.It will be a terrible tragedy if millennials try to experiment with this old social lie when they come to power. That is why we should do our utmost to disclose the truths and historical facts to them, in order to counterbalance the brainwashing they receive in college and from the liberal media.

George V.

The Bible & Socialism: A Reader from Romania Responds

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