The Source of Wisdom

Human nature has not changed. The wide array of wisdom found in Proverbs is just as relevant now as when it was first written.

Whereas other books of the Bible deepen our devotional lives, Proverbs applies to our daily habits and points us to Christ through practical righteousness. He, after all, is the source of true wisdom. As we learn to apply the proverbs, we will be more conformed to His image.

One key application from Proverbs is how we use our words. Proverbs 15:1, for example, says “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

The tongue is a powerful thing. While worldly wisdom might tell us to answer harshly and gain the upper hand, divine wisdom teaches to respond gently to promote peace and unity.

We do well to examine ourselves for pride that might cause us to lash out against others in anger. Wisdom invites us to enter into calm conversation that can help us realize our own flaws. Walking in the power of the Spirit and abiding in Christ, we can watch our words and build one another up.

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The Proverbs transcripts used in this video are available online.

The Source of Wisdom