Storing up Scripture

Daily devotional times often include reading the Bible, but what about memorizing specific passages? It can be easy to skim over the Word of God without meditating on it, but memory verses are key to deepening our relationships with God.

Look at the way Jesus battled temptation in Matthew 4. Each of the three times Satan tempted Him, He responded with Scripture that He had stored up in His heart. We also have access to this weapon; we have only to begin storing up Scripture so that we can face each new temptation with the truth of the Word of God.

Or take Philippians 4:6–9. Everyone struggles with worry at some point. If you have these verses memorized, they will come to mind in your time of need. Reflecting on them will help you transition from fear to peace.

Another reason for memorizing Scripture is to help us with the hard thanksgiving. This is a form of praise that we bring to God when we don’t understand our circumstances. First Thessalonians 5:16–18 reminds us to trust in God because of His goodness and His sovereignty. His praise should resound on our lips even in trials and suffering.

As you read through the Bible, find passages that stir your heart and speak to your situation. If you are rich or poor, happy or sad, calm or angry, there are Scripture verses for you!

To help you get started, here are a few collections of memory verses I (Ken) have compiled and used over the years:

Ken Boa’s Memory Verse Guide

The Think on These Things series bundle is a useful tool for deepening your daily devotional time.

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Storing up Scripture