The Wonders of Our Creator

Job 38–42 teaches us to leverage the wonders of the visible world to enhance our appreciation of the invisible realm. In other words, the more we study creation, the more we can marvel at the Creator.

The Wonders of Our Creator

God asks 77 questions of Job in Job 38–41. These questions center on the visible world; God uses the grandeur of creation to point to His even greater majesty as the Creator. Every work in creation points to God’s glory and power. The sun, the stars, the moon, the ocean, the animals—God created and sustains all of these in His wisdom and sovereignty.

We cannot grasp how God created all of these things. We weren’t present when He formed the world. And if we can’t understand these things in creation, then how could we grasp the mind of their Maker? We marvel at these wonders, which should lead us to marvel at God all the more.

Our True Condition

As God questions Job, Job begins to realize his true condition. He is in desperate need of God, and he cannot even begin to understand God’s ways. Because of this, he falls silent before God (Job 40:3–5). Job realizes that he cannot control even a second of his life, let alone the myriads of aspects of creation that God maintains every moment.

After God finishes questioning him, Job repents in dust and ashes (Job 42:6). God never once answers the “why” of Job’s suffering, but Job has found peace. He has caught a glimpse of the grandeur of God and recognized that God does not have to answer to him. Instead, Job is called to trust in God, surrendering his life to Him.

We are not meant to understand God—we’re meant to worship Him. Our God cannot be fully understood. He transcends anything we see in this world, but the world points us to Him.

The Wonders of Our Creator