2 Samuel 5: Hidden Sins

Satan tempts us to take small steps in sin, leading us astray by degrees. The more we give in, the easier it will become for us to sin. And the more we sin, the more we will be tempted to keep hidden sins that will overwhelm our lives.

Second Samuel 5 shows the beginning of David’s descent into sin. By this chapter, Saul and all his sons had died, leaving David as the undisputed king of Israel. Even though David realized this was the Lord’s doing, he did not completely follow after the Lord. He took many concubines, creating unnecessary alliances that were not honoring to God (2 Samuel 5:13).

Hidden Sins

All of us, in some sense, are imposters. Every one of us sins, and we often preach what we do not practice. Knowing this tendency, we need to be on guard. Have an accountability partner, a godly person to whom you can tell your temptations and sins. Name your specific sin. Do not let it have power over you, but bring it to the light with trustworthy Christians.

If we are not honest about our flesh signature—the sins we particularly struggle with—then it will overcome us. We need to lean into God’s grace and not let sins have a foothold in our lives.

David was not wise in this area. He had hidden sins, hidden passions, that would have long-lasting consequences. He did not begin by committing adultery and murder (2 Samuel 11). Instead, he began by taking for himself numerous wives and concubines. These women likely worshiped other gods, something David’s son Solomon would also fall prey to in his own life.

Depending on God

The good news is, despite David’s hidden sins, he still sought the Lord. His mistakes did not define him, because he submitted to God and tried to trust in God.

David sought to honor God by listening to God. Instead of trusting in his own army, he sought guidance from God. Each time David sought the Lord, God answered him, and David listened and had victory over his enemies. Depending on God made all the difference. Even though David struggled with sin, he also trusted in God. As a result, his faith had the final say in his life, rather than his sin.

This teaching is based on Ken Boa’s Handbook to Scripture

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2 Samuel 5: Hidden Sins

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