A Life Well Lived

There are two kinds of wisdom: the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God.

The wisdom of the world has a constant ubiquitous pull. It seeks to distract us from eternity and causes us to focus on this temporal arena. Because of this, we will fall prey to worldly wisdom if we do nothing at all. We can’t be neutral.

In order to seek the wisdom of God, we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. We are radically dependent on God, and this should lead us to trust in Him. He is the wellspring of all that is true, good, and beautiful. His wisdom prepares us for an eternity praising Him as we live on this earth now.

A Life Well Lived

The two types of wisdom are manifested in two basic ways to live:

  1. Live and Learn
  2. Learn and Live

The first way looks to action before instruction. It is the common way of the world based on an assumption that we can figure out life on our own. We make mistakes and excuse our sins, letting worldly wisdom shape us.

While we will all make mistakes, it is far better to learn and live. After all, the best way to avoid mistakes and sins is to never commit them! This second way requires humility, recognizing that others can teach us. It requires discernment and convictions. Even when we do mess up, we can learn from it and be better prepared for what comes next.

Heavenly wisdom teaches us to prepare for all circumstances by storing up Scripture. We anticipate certain situations and prepare for them by immersing ourselves in the Word of God. In such a way, we humbly submit ourselves to God, acknowledging our weakness and His sovereignty.

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A Life Well Lived