Meditating on Memory Verses

What do you want?

This is a critical question to ask when approaching the Bible. Reading through the passages has its own rewards, but committing verses to memory forces you to meditate on God’s Word. In order to move from skimming to digging deeper, you must reorient your desires.

One way to do so is by putting practices into place that help you want to begin memorizing Scripture. After all, our actions reveal what is in our hearts, but our actions can also shape our hearts. Below are some practical steps as you seek to meditate on memory verses:

  1. Before God: Remember that this is meant to enhance your relationship with God. Don’t do this to people-please.
  2. Specificity:  Narrow down to a selection of specific verses that speak to you.
  3. Be Realistic: Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much right away.
  4. Accountability: This will help both you and another Christian brother or sister in Christ pursue God through His Word.
  5. Review: Make sure to review passages frequently to keep them in your memory.

As you put these practices into place, your ability to memorize Scripture will increase. Eventually, you may even work your way up to committing entire chapters to memory!

To help get you started, here are several collections of memory verses:

Ken Boa’s Memory Verse Guide

Check out A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence for exercises that help you implement good quiet time practices.

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Meditating on Memory Verses