Cultivating Character

The book of Proverbs contains wisdom for every aspect of life, and much of it is countercultural.

You will either judge Scripture according to your culture, or you will judge your culture according to Scripture. We are immersed in chaos in our culture in many ways. But we do not wring our hands in despair, because we know that the King is coming.

In the meantime, Proverbs teaches us how to live every day in light of that Day, cultivating a character that is honoring to God.

Practicing God’s Presence

A key way to live well is by reviewing truth morning and night. God calls every one of us to practice His presence all day long—not just a select few saints.

This day is all we have; therefore, we must live in this present moment. This involves meditating on God’s character in every moment. Take even the most ordinary of tasks to praise our God, turning your heart back to Him.

We were meant for more than this world can offer us; nothing can satisfy us except for the presence of God.

Courage and Accountability

Following after your convictions takes courage. After all, if you are following Christ, then those convictions will be countercultural. Your convictions will be challenged at some point in your life, whether from the individuals around you or on a cultural level.

But you need more than courage to keep your convictions; you also need accountability. Find a group of Christians—even just one or two other Christians—and tell them of your struggles and temptations. Name what you struggle with so it will have less power over you. Do not let your sin fester in the dark; instead, bring it to light into a loving community of Christians.

Cultivating Character