Discerning the Will of God: Part 3

In this final part of this series, Ken Boa discusses seven key principles for seeking God’s guidance as well as some wrong conceptions about God’s will.

Seven Principles for God’s Guidance:

  1. Communication (spending time in prayer and the Scriptures)
  2. Conscience (asking “How does this decision affect my love for God and others?”)
  3. Common sense (“Does this decision reflect good judgment?”)
  4. Circumstances (“How does my state of affairs relate to this decision?”)
  5. Counsel (seeking advice from wise and godly friends)
  6. Compulsion (in the context of the above five sources, discerning any compelling desire to move in a specific direction)
  7. Contentment & Confirmation (“Do I have a sense of peace and assurance about this decision?”)

These sources often work together to help us discern God’s will for our lives.

Poor Conceptions of God’s Will:

  1. I must pray about each decision I make.
  2. God’s will is often contrary to human reason.
  3. To submit to God’s will, I must give up my happiness.
  4. If I follow God’s will, my problems will be over.
  5. If I stray too far from God’s will, he won’t be able to use me again.
  6. If I commit my life to God, he will want me to go to seminary.
  7. I must have special confirmation before making important decisions.
  8. God wants me to respond to every need.

Discerning the Will of God: Part 3

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