Faith and Science

Faith answers the fundamental questions of life; science can open our eyes to wonder and awe. Together they point to the splendors of God.

When God answers Job out of the whirlwind (Job 38–42), He never directly addresses Job’s dilemma or suffering. Instead, He reveals more of Himself to Job through His creation. His series of questions walks Job through the macrocosm, midicosm, and microcosm. He shows His transcendence and His sovereignty. God delights in His works; He takes pleasure in talking about them.

Trusting in God

The more we learn about the created order, the more we realize that we cannot fully understand God. But He does not call us to do so. Instead, He calls us to trust Him.

Now, it is important to get to know God, but that is different than claiming to fully understand His ways. We are finite creatures and simply cannot do so. But we can mine the riches of God’s infinity for eternity.

Faith and Modern Science

A current trend focuses on science to the exclusion of God. But when we look at science with open eyes, our marvel at the Creator should increase.

The visible world reveals God’s majesty and sovereignty. We don’t need to ignore science; instead, science points to God. He created it, after all! When we take time to examine His creation, we realize the ineffable mystery involved.

Faith and science work together. We do not know how God created it. We do not even understand how He sustains it. But we see the grandeur of the universe, and it points to His majesty.

Faith and Science