More than a Quiet Time

The Quiet Time series has looked at the ways to deepen your love of the Word of God through study, prayer, and meditation in a formal devotional time. Memorizing Scripture and deepening your prayer life are major steps to take in strengthening your relationship with God. But walking with Him involves more than a formal devotional time.

Although routines are important when it comes to daily devotionals, we need to be careful not to be constrained by that time. After all, it can be easy to relegate God to a small portion of our day. Instead of doing so, we must practice His presence every moment of every day.

One question to ask yourself is this: “Where do my thoughts wander?”

Answering this question will tell you about your informal time with God, the moments of ordinary life when you are not consciously making an effort to spend time with God. The more you become aware of your thought life, the easer it is to train your mind to constantly meditate on God.

Having a formal quiet time is step one. But a relationship with God involves so much more. Surrender your entire thought life to Him.

Two of the most important disciplines are reading Scripture and prayer. Ken Boa’s Handbook to Prayer combines these, now available in bonded leather and in paperback.

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More than a Quiet Time