The Architecture of Nature

The greatness of God is on marvelous display in the universe. We need only take a closer look at everything around us in order to see it and glorify Him for the gratuitous beauty He has put into creation. Beyond the dazzling beauty and wide variety of colors in nature, we also see that everything has order and design.

The Patterns and Architecture of Nature

The closer we look at creation—for example, at the center of a sunflower or the eyes of a fly—the more we see a mathematical order that points to the One who designed these things. However, even though we can hear, see, and feel creation all around us, few people recognize that there is a Creator. Their hearts are hardened against Him, and they seek natural explanations for what can only have come from a Creator. When someone sees these same mathematical designs and patterns in architecture, they know that someone took the time to plan out the structure and the beauty. In nature, however, they deny that there is an Architect, arguing that it all came about by chance.

The work of our God is exquisite; His workmanship displays excellence. When He opens our eyes to see Him and we train ourselves to behold His glory in creation, there is no doubt that everything points to Him. As a result, the more we study nature, the more we ought to praise Him and glorify Him.


Note of Caution: The videos shown in Ken’s teaching come from sources that do not necessarily hold a biblical worldview; by using them, we are not endorsing the ideas or viewpoints they might espouse.


The Architecture of Nature