The Worth of Relationships

Every person we meet is made in the image of God, and God has made us for relationship both with Him and with others. But because we live in a fallen world, our relationships are broken.

God’s Presence in Relationships

The relational category of exercises in A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence can remind you of how to practice God’s presence in your earthly relationships.

First, know that you have never encountered anyone by accident. God is always at work in you and in others, so try to demonstrate the love of Christ to those around you. If that seems difficult to do, focus on one person at first—a family member, a friend, a waitress. Even a small word or deed can be a restorative reminder of God’s presence.

The Worth of Other People

It is also important to show that you appreciate the worth of others. The more you intentionally focus on their value according to God, the more you will adopt an eternal perspective of them. Try demonstrating your appreciation through a word of thanks, giving a gift, or lending a listening ear.

Practicing God’s presence in your relationships will not remove difficult people from your life. But God puts these people in your life for a reason. When tempted to be frustrated with them, pray for them instead of growing irritated. Ask God for patience, kindness, and love toward them. Even if you need to set up boundaries with a particular person, treat that person with dignity.

Regardless of the relationship, walk humbly before God and love others out of His love.

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The Worth of Relationships