Before Rising from Bed

Many of us probably have a vague idea of what a “quiet time” is. But should we keep that time confined only to the morning? And what do we do when it feels like God is not speaking to us?

We must practice the presence of God every moment of our lives. Otherwise, our relationship with God will slip through our fingers. We will lose our gratitude and forget how to love Him. We won’t remember to love ourselves correctly or to love others compassionately. Relationships take work. More than that, we are creatures of habit.

One tool we can use is the  spiritual renewal card set that can give us daily reminders of who God is and who we are.

The first card begins with the moment we wake up. Our first thoughts are critical, and so we must make the choice to be astonished by grace at the beginning of every day. When we do so, we ought to be driven to love and gratitude.

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Before Rising from Bed

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