Paul’s Four Life-Changing Prayers Part 1

It is so much easier to unlearn spiritual truths than to learn them.

How many of us fill up our days with busy schedules and forget to prepare for eternity? We fall into the trap of sloppy thinking with anemic aspirations, lacking passion and intention. Often our time with God falls by the wayside. One way we can begin cultivating our thought life is by redeeming times when we must wait. We need to be alert, awake, and aware during these “dead times,”  because they can be opportunities to have a mini Sabbath.

One tool that can help us redeem these moments is the spiritual renewal card set. Through the Holy Spirit, integrating small practices into our lives can slowly train our hearts and minds to practice the presence of God.

Prayer is a key aspect of practicing God’s presence, but how do we know what to pray? Try praying through Scripture, starting with Paul’s life-changing prayers.

See details here about Ken’s Friday morning study.

Paul’s Four Life-Changing Prayers Part 1

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