Four Transforming Words

How often do we know the right truths to say about God but struggle to experience them? Psalm 37 is a rich text that gives us four words to help transform our walk with God.

The first of these is trust. We ought to trust in the Lord with our whole being.

The second word, delight, reveals that the degree to which we are delighting in Him is the degree to which our desires will line up with His. We will then commit our way to the Lord.

This third word, commit, reminds us to unreservedly give all of our plans to the Lord.

The final transforming word is wait. It is true that we undergo many trials. Sometimes it even seems as though the wicked flourish while the righteous struggle. But God will redeem the hard things in our lives. When we trust in God, delight in Him, commit our way to Him, and wait for Him, we gain joy through having an eternal perspective.

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Four Transforming Words

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